Analysis and Reflection on the use of Wikispaces

Badr Hijazi - CCIT Major

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Talk Shows on TV

The Power of Television
The Truth About Bush


After experiencing Wikispaces in cct205, I learned that creating more than one page may be useful not just to me, but to my fellow classmates as well. The Power of Television is one of the pages I created, where all I incorporated in that page are two pictures, one of which I manipulated using Adobe Photoshop, and adding a quote in regards to the television industry. I did not intend to add a lot of content on this page, for the reason that I wanted people to use their imagination and come to their own conclusion to how television is controlled and how it is controlling us. Another page I created was The Truth About Bush. On this page I added an image and a couple of points in regards to George Bush's presidency. This is an important page, because it is the topic that my group and I chose to present on for our social influence assignment. Lastly, the page that I spent the most time on, Talk Shows on TV, would consider it to be my content acclaimed page. This page is about the television talk show industry incorporating a background on the industry itself, and examples of various talk shows that are popular today. Including Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, and of course, Oprah Winfrey.


I found this assignment very interesting and interactive. It allowed people to converse with each other and know more about each other and the course in general. This type of assignment is very different because it is completely directed and run by students with very little interference from the professor.

Enabling others to edit my work and displaying my information out for everyone to see and manipulate, does not give me this feeling of assurance. However, editing other people's work gives me the feeling that I am helping them enhance their idea and topic. After people edited my pages, I realized that they were actually helping me in making my points stronger and adding life to the page. Overall, Wikispaces serves as a great collaborative environment, and I enjoyed going through the pages and reading through the topics, and a lot of them enticed me to edit it and add my point of view on the subject.


I believe that this assignment was very innovative and worthwhile giving us the freedom to be creative and share our ideas and opinions freely. However, there wasn’t enough enthusiasm from the class on constantly updating pages. The Table of Contents was being filled up fairly slowly comparing to cct205. Nonetheless, towards the end of this term, everybody picked up the pace and began to create multiple pages that were advantageous to the whole class.

My advice to future CCIT students that take this course is to start this project as soon as possible. Since the marks for this specific assignment are based on constant contribution from the student, I advise the students to constantly edit pages. My final advice for the students is to make their pages very appealing and to incorporate as many links as possible to outside sources and pages within Wikispaces.


May 21, 2006

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May 23, 2006
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  • Created a new page Power of TV
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  • Added a quote on Power of TV
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May 25, 2006

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June 21, 2006
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