What Is Attention Economy?

Attention economy is the new economy of new rules, differing from that of money and good. The new rules are related to fame and attention seeking. The stardom and hype are now central to attention gathering. The old wealth, money, flows to the holders of the new wealth, attention and celebrities. For example: by paying attention to the stars and celebrities, we are simply putting the attention economy into effect, that we are paying money to them.

On the World Wide Web, hyperlink is the key feature in directing the flow of attention and passing it along. However, only a few fortunate ones can collect huge amounts of it, leaving great competition behind. As you see, information technology equals attention technology.




Theory Of Stickiness

The theory of stickiness is part of a successful website's attribute. It refers to the amount of clicks and time spent on a site plus return visits.




Theory Of Attention Economy

In the purest form of attention economy, it does not involve any sort of money. The flow of money and material goods of the old economy is losing its central economic role. The flow of attention becomes the new central economic role. What matters in this new economy is to seek, obtain and pay attention. In order to gain any value in this new economic situation, one must receive attention and obtain attention. These are the key goals.


Successful Examples


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