Asynchronous Communication

As to synchronous communication, asynchronous communication does not require all parties that are communicating to be present and available at the same time. Examples inlcude: e-mails, discussion boards or forums, text messaging on cellular phones, and etc.
Asynchronous communication is sending data from different sources at different times without the data traveling in a synchronized order.
This communication technique is widely used for personal computers (PCs) in establishing connectivity with fax machines, printers, modems, and other devices or applications. This way of communication enables us to be in touch with friends, families, groups, and colleagues anywhere, anytime. Asynchronous communication is not as effective as face to face communication, since in face to face communication both sender and reciever have to be present as to asynchronous communication sender and reciever can be in different places and different times and do not have to wait for the immediate response or feedback from the other party.
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