This is a checklist for making sure you have covered the basics as required by the group culture jam/social influence assignment. It is by no means exhastive but you may find it helpful.

Table of Contents

Written Report
  • Include a 1-2 page printed report that outlines your project (see Assignment 3 FAQ )
  • Include full names of all team members
  • Include a complete and accurate bibliography of all references and sources used in your project

Audit your Design
  • Check layout and attention to detail. Ask for a second opinion.
  • Font size and font choice should be legible and easy to read
  • Images should not be re-compressed or enlarged as image quality will suffer
  • Check that all hyperlinks are working

Proof your Work
  • Check your work for good image quality, typos, legibility and all interactions

  • Time your delivery to meet the 5-7 minute limit to make sure you can cover major points
  • Prepare any questions you can ask the class to generate discusion if needed
  • Test your presentation and make sure it works in the lab computer

File Preparation
  • Prepare your files in a single folder titled with project name
  • Include only relevant material...not working files
  • Try to reduce file sized of large media files like graphics, video, etc.
  • Include soft copy of your final report

Folder Submission
Upload your project folder to the Elara server ... only accessible on Sheridan Trafalgar campus!
  1. Go > Connect to Server or Apple + K
  2. sign in as Guest
  3. Look for folder > David Gelb
  4. drag your folder into > cct300 presentations
  5. you will not see the results so make sure your folder is correct before you begin this process (The trick to see if the file is there: Drag the file in again and see if a warning pops up)