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Arash Moghani
DEM Specialist

This was my first experience using the wikispace and in the end became a positive one. At first when I was introduced to wikispace, I did not know where, how, and when to begin. The more I posted and the more I read what other people began to post I began to realize how everything works. I enjoyed the fact that it was a different and new way of communicating and being interactive with the other students in the class rather than the traditional fashion in class participation. Furthermore, I also enjoyed the flexibilty to post anything we wanted to and as well design and edit our own and other people's pages. In the end, wikispaces was a great and different experience which just took time to get adjusted to.

I did not have much concerns of wikispace near the end of the course but at the beginning, since it was a completely new for me I was hestiant and did not understand what should and should not be posted. Because given so much flexibility, I was confused on what was appropriate to post which relates to the course and what topic wasn't. After a few post and a few edits on wiki, I began to become more confident on how to approach the wikispace.

There is not much suggestions I could give but if students had examples of other wikispace sites and see how things work, and what the professor should expect from them. The reason I state this is because we all contribute to the wikispace but do not know if we are doing well or not heading in the right direction. Without knowing how well you are doing on the wiki's is a concern which I have had during my time doing the wikispace for cct 300.

Since I was unaware that we should document all our pages that we have edited and I do not remember editing all the pages I did. I do apologize Professor Jones, but I was told you are able to see all my edits.
I edited:
Reality Television
World Cup
Advertising (Dove)
Marshall McLuhan
Tim Berners-lee
And more I believe just do not remember.