Name : Bassey Ekanem

Class: CCT300H5


When we were started the program and I found out we would be using Wiki Spaces, I was somewhat worried, I have never heard used Wiki Spaces before I joined the class and had no idea what to expect from it or even how to operate it ,my other classes that I took this summer made it harder for me to learn how to use Wiki Spaces as my time was spent doing assignments but once I learnt how to operate it I found it remarkably easy to use . I found the online community we formed extremely interesting and informative , with it I was able to gain access to information that I would not have been able to acquire on my own or probably think to acquire, it was interesting watching the content increase as people contributed what useful information they could acquire, it also enhanced my study program with the many contribution to the course wiki helping me create my notes for the class and assist me reatly in doing assignments for the class as well.This was especially true for Assignment 3 which was on Culture Jamming and the test we wrote, the primary material I read for the test coming from the course wiki.


I benefitted greatly from the online notes, they were what enabled me prepare for my test and asignments in the course ,I suggest in the next course wiki that a section be made for students to post online notes on the course wiki which will be enahnce not only the content but allow students to prepare more effectively for tests and assignments , as well as gain greater and more varied information on the readings and course content. Another suggestion I have is on the issues of topics for the table of content , I suggest people be alowed to pick a single topic and be the primary contributor to it, as I found that when I did learn how to post to wiki, that topics I had hoped to provide information on was already taken with most of the information I had to offer already posted , it made contribution difficult when csomeone else had already posted what you had in mind to contribute. I suggest a person or a group be given a topic to develop exclusively, allowing for greater participation on the part of everyone.Good luck to the next class!!


June 23rd

I added 2 more pages to Wiki Spaces

Cartoons(with the exception of Flash Cartoons) contributed everything else to the page
Journalism( contributed everything to the page)

I edited propaganda
I edited File Sharing (P2P)
I edited and created new links for War Propaganda
I created a page News Media
Added more information to the News Media page and new photos to it

June 25th
Added more infromation to News Media page