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Analysis and Reflection


As a member of CCIT 205, I am glad that I have this opportunity to work on a wikispace in CCT 300. My experience from last time was that I started working on the assignment on the day it was due. Ofcourse, I did not do so well because there was not enough time for research. The lesson I learned from last time tells me to remind myself to start early this time. So I did, I started early so there was time more detailed research and page edits.

Concerns and Contributions

Major Contributions

- C.Wright Mills
- Media influence
- Stereotype
- Friendster
- Web 2.0 and how Wiki and Blogs enhanced communication in business and education

Due to the humongous list of topics in CCT 300, it was hard to decide which topics to work on, so I decided to work on the ones that interest me and ones that are easier for me to understand. I started looking up all the topics that were on the review sheet and find that someone has already wrote something on Mass Media. So I chose to research Charles Wright Mills and his views on Media influence. This topic is really relevant to this course because ever since the first assignment Network, we have been talking about the truth of media. Charles Wright Mills emphasized that the media can be a powerful tool in creating or reinforcing stereotypes. I completely agree with Mills that is why I opened a new page defining stereotypes.

This course talked about cyber culture in relation to new media so I introduced what friendster is and the features that attract so many young people nowadays to join the online community. The special thing about my article is that I specifically introduced Friendster Blogging which is another popular feature Friendster uses to enhance communication for its users. I find that as the we move into the new generation of web2.0, our means of communication have shifted from real life settings to virtually online communities. Therefore I wrote a journal article talking about how blogs and wikis, the new waves of innovation in web 2.0, has enhanced communication at many levels in business and education. This article is included at the bottom of the topic Web 2.0.

Page Edits and Space Maintenance

As I was looking at the articles, I find that a lot them do not have a table of contents. I think that a lot of students do not know how to insert the table of contents so I added it in a lot of the articles. In order to maintain a consistent orderly look for all the articles, I feel necessity for making every page looking as neat as possible.

Another contribution was that I added the four forces of Media by Marshall Mcluhan.


I suggest that wikispaces continues to be an assignment for future classes because wiki is a great space for idea collaboration. By contributing to this space, I learn more about this course than just reading the articles. Before I write, I will read what other people write and learn new topics.