Steven Elliott (992902668)
Professor Mike Jones
23 June 2006

Analysis and Reflection – CCT300 Wiki

After having participated in the CCT205 WikiSpace, I was excited to hear that we would be maintaining another for CCT300. I was curious how much information would end up on there, seeing as how this is only one small summer class, but I was still blown away by how much information was put up and how well the people who had never used one caught on to it. I still think that the whole Wiki concept is something that combats something that I spoke about in my culture jamming project, about how communication technologies create social boundaries. A collaborative Wiki encourages teamwork and, in my opinion, is going to play a major role in the future of the Internet.

With respect contribution, it is difficult to say exactly. My most dominant contributions were the work I did on Myspace, a social network used by many teenagers and musicians. I tried to take a different approach to giving information on this topic; in a way that would actually be interesting to a teenager. Instead of the typical “essay” style, I organized it more into a “learning object” arrangement (You may remember my edits on eBay from CCT205, same approach). Being arranged in this way, the information can be easily accessed and searched through using the table of contents seen in quite a few pages.

My second major contribution was the information on Semiotics. As you may remember, I am also taking CCT210H5 at UTM, which is a prerequisite for this course (with permission of course). Seeing as it is a prerequisite, and did come into play slightly in the course, I thought it would be relevant to write about Semiotics in the Wiki (Note: I made sure that I was not simply regurgitating any topics discussed in 210). You’ll notice that the work I did on Semiotics was less formal and without many references. I did this so that it would be apparent that the ideas discussed were mine and mine alone.

Apart from that, the rest of my time was spent maintaining the other pages. Seeing as I had helped maintain previous Wikispaces, I took the liberty of doing my best to help organize others’ pages. A common problem that seems to arise is how do you the “Table of Contents” aspect of the Wiki. The space can be a little tricky, and I find that I often had to go into the “text editor” portion of the editor in order to remove small symbols that were not showing up on the “visual editor”, but would be found on the page.

As far as other CCIT students, I wouldn’t give them too much advice. Half of the learning and half of the fun is in learning how to use the site. It ensures that you will ultimately have a better understanding of how exactly a Wikispace works. There are many people out there who have used Wikipedia, and yet have no idea that they could edit it themselves if they wanted to.