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Nike and Apple join up for runs.

The sporting corporation Nike has teamed up with Apple Computer Inc. to produce a new product that will work with the company's existing products. The idea is to create a shoe that works with the iPod Nano so that based on the individual's running patterns, the songs will change to suite the pace of the runner or push the runner further in their workout. Both Nike and Apple companies are world-renowned brands and are one of the top companies in each of their specific categories. While other alliances between companies do not work out, the idea to incorporate a running shoe with a digital music player looks to be a successful marketing attempt that will allow this alliance to thrive.

In a recent article from BBC news, it is said that Nike and Apple will create a system that incorporates digital music with athletic running shoes. The system will allow athletes to listen to their music, keep track of how far and how fast they have run, and the product will keep track of the amount of calories the runner has burnt. While this alliance will not drastically increase the amount of footwear sold by Nike, the two firms fit comfortably enough together to create a successful product (Nike and Apple 2006). Nike has in its passed been linked to the electronic producer Philips of the Netherlands, but unfortunately this alliance was not a success (Nike and Apple 2006). However, there is optimism that the alliance between Nike and Apple will be a great fit. Nike's Vice President of Global Brand Management Mr. Trevor Edwards stated "We know that these two brands work really well together" and "We share the same types of consumers" (Nike and Apple 2006). The Nike Air + Zoom Moire shoe will be the first to incorporate the Nike+iPod Sports Kit, which will be released in the next two months.

This is a great example of the merging of brands rather than companies or products. They share a specific style of marketing in which the brand and it's associated lifestyle are the things being sold. Both are already selling the image of modern, chic, urban, trendy so joining forces is an effortless way of increasing the intensity of these ideas. For more information on Nike and Apple products, visit and

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