Wiki Experience

I think the wiki was a good idea as a project for this course. It was the first time i was contributing to a wikispace and i really liked the fact that i could share my work with other people who also shared their work with me. Reading other peoples work and editing also helps learning concepts and course information much easier. Since this course was about media and how it has evolved through time and adopted with the culture, it was a good way of increasing interaction between people in the class without conflict. I think the only problem with this assignment was the lack of time. Having assignments due every week made it hard to contribute regularly.

I created three pages on the wikispace: Webcasting, Magazine and Teen Magazine. I realized that people were not linkling pages within the wikispace, so i created a number of links between many pages. I also linked pages that were not linked to the table of contents.

June 7
Created Teen Magazine page
Added to the Table of Contents

June 8, 10, 11
Contributed to Teen Magazine

June 12
Contributed to Teen Magazine
Created Magazine page
Created a link on mass media
Created links on mass media
Created kinks on teen magazine and magazine

June 13
Created webcasting
Created links on new media
Created links on advertising
Created links on forums
Created links on alliances
Created links on ipod
Created links on comparison and contrast of television media and weblog media
Created links on computer games
Created links on talk shows on tv

June 14
Created links on Internet jurisdiction

June 15
Created links on google
Created links on culture jamming hijacking commercial culture
Created links on pod casting
Created links on sex sells

June 22
Added information to Webcasting

June 23
Added information to Magazine