I believe this medium really helped bring people and knowledge together as one throughout the course. Although I may not have contributed as much as others. I saw the potential of the Wiki when adding my page and when adding some key points on reality TV on someone else’s page. The topics brought up in Wiki contributed in a great library of knowledge that related to communications in general. This would be useful to review for CCIT courses or further studies in other courses. Not only did Wiki contribute in knowledge but it also helped organized and structure the course in the small amount of time we had to accomplish all assignments. By many students contributions structuring the site this helped students figure out exactly what was needed for the assignment and it answered many questions students had by allowing students to communicate with each other instead of having to wait for a professor .

Contributions :

may 27- Reality Television edited. adding advertsiment.
June 1st - Fixed Group presentation page.
June 2nd - added /Fixed Group presentation page. added group contact information.
June 8th - added to group assignment page ( group name and info..etc.)
June 22nd - added alias to Wikispace alias.
June 23rd - aded major page to Wiki Space ( added my major page on women and sport in the media)
- did minor edits.
- aded pictures . added works cited for pictures also formatted page some more.
June 24th - fixed works cited list. fixed pictures.