Assignment 3 - Culture Jamming/Social Influence Project

This page is for students to post questions about the assignment and for either Professor Jones or other students to respond to these questions. This page can also be used as a general discussion of the assignment where students can post comments, discuss the assignment, and introduce ideas.

This page outlines effective methods to keep group members working smoothly. Please outline any useful tips.

Discussion Board

Q: How do you stay on schedule?


  1. Meet early, and meet often. Don't procrastinate.
  2. Make milestones, small tasks that need to be done (along with an appropriate timeframe) that lead to the overall project being done.
  3. Be accountable. Take people to account for what they've done--properly and improperly--and what they haven't done.

Q: What if a group member isn't working?


  1. Talk to them directly. See if you can work it out. (Find out if they have a very specific situation, other issues from other aspects of their life that overflow into schoolwork.)
  2. Talk to the professor, if they seem apathetic to the situation.
  3. As a last resort, threaten to boot them from the group -- sometimes that might make them wake up and work. (Don't do this unless you have no other options, and unless you intend to carry forward with your threat.)

Q: I haven't heard from my other group mates, what's going on?


1.Keep communication open. Phone, text, e-mail, chat; whichever way works best. Communicate back and forth with your group mates frequently so that confrontations or disputes can be avoided. The more you communicate with your other members the better they see your efforts as contributing to the team.

Q: What does the report for the assignment actually entail? I understand it is research based so is it just on the topic we are focusing on or does it also relate to our culture jamming/social influence presentation and how we organized our project?


This report should give some background into your project from conceptual perspective. While your project should essentially stand on its own merits and communicate your culture jam/social influence message, this write up should serve to supplement your work. See it as a way to explain your work and shine a light on the important features and points of interest concerning your topic that may need further descritption. You may want to consider :

  1. Why the topic is relevent and worthwhile in the context of contemporary media culture.... and why we should care.
  2. What is your goal and what do you want the viewer to walk away with?
  3. Are there interesting facts or background info that would add value to our understanding of your project
  4. Where these ideas could lead to given more time and resources

A: Right. It's a report. It's not an essay, but it should be well-written. You should care about it. Put effort into it. (Style-wise, it does not have to be in essay format.)