Assignment 2 - Wiki Assignment

This page is for students to post questions about the assignment and for either Professor Jones or other students to respond to these questions. This page can also be used as a general discussion of the assignment where students can post comments, discuss the assignment, and introduce ideas.

The Wiki Assignment is worth 30% of your final grade. There are three parts to the assignment which are discussed in more detail on the Course Syllabus.
  1. Content (15%)
  2. Community Buliding Maintenance (10%)
  3. Analysis and Reflection (5%)


Q: Do we need to include sources?
Yes. Include sources either in MLA or APA format. (For an automatic MLA-style bibliography maker, check

Q: How much is this assignment worth?

**Q: I've never done a wiki assignment before, are my efforts worth more/less than expertise students?
    • 1. Surely, there are students who have done wiki assignments in the past, good news is that everyone's efforts large and small contribute to the bigger picture, the CCT300 wikispace.
2.Make contributing a routine. If you post small amounts on a daily or frequent basis, it accumulates in the end. Dedicate time in your day to do your share. 10 minutes? 40? or the whole day if you want. The sky's the limit.
3. Practise makes perfect. Familiarize yourself frequently with the site, post, edit, and repeat. It's a cycle that takes breaking into, but once you get the hang of it, you too will become a wikiMaster.

It might be a good idea to include the following information: historical and contemporary uses, canonical works (the "gold standard" of that medium), where the medium falls on the spectrum of public vs. mass, cultural conventions that modify the medium, a McLuhan-esqe tetrad analysis of the medium, and culture-jamming related to the medium. Don't forget an overview (summary of the medium at the top) and a sources section!