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Main Concepts

Lecture One

Course Introduction

Lecture Two

Media and Essential Form

Mills and the Mass Society
Public v. Mass
Implications for Media Form
Society and Media as STS
New Media vs. Cyberculture
New Media as Distribution
New Media as Software Controlled
Cultural conventions
Aesthetics of New Media
New Media as Efficient
New Media as Metamedia
New Media as Nexus of Art and Computing

Lecture Three

Movie Network

Lecture Four
Grand Theory
McLuhan - Laws of Media
Four Forces
Structural Functionalism
Media Policy
Reasons to Conform
Deviance and Change
Class Structure
Perception and Colour
Dimension Confusion, or, What does this have to do with media, anyway?

Lecture Five

Culture Jamming and Social Influence

Culture Jamming
Detractors of jamming
Social Influence and Persuasion
Concepts in Persuasion

Lecture Six

Media Ownership and Economic Control

Horizontal Integration
Vertical Integration
Limits to Integration
Effects on Media Production
Advertiser bias
Product Placement
Alternative Finance Models

Lecture Seven/ Eight

Objectivity, Subjectivity and Identity

Problems with Objectivity (Problems)
Identity and Privacy
Possibilities of Identity

Lecture Nine

Web 2.0

Theoretical Positioning
Tetrad Analysis
Examples: Trippi
Example: WOM
Example: Craigslist
Example: ChangeThis

Lecture Ten

Rise of the Conceptual Age

Information or Creation?
Right/Left Brain
Three Trends
High Concept, High Touch
Information vs. Conceptual Age