Groups & Presentation Order for Culture Jamming/Social Influence Project




The Three Blind Mice- Ashley, Arash, Misha
Culture Jamming- Nike Ad Campaigns

iQ- Ashiq Albhai
Islamophobia and Islam

Action Against Bush - Marjorie, Mahsa, Badr
U.S Politics - Anti-Bush Campaign

Tasciotti/Turner- Alexander Tasciotti, Lindsay Turner
Diet and Nutrition in Advertising

Millroff- Adrian Miller, Jonny Sideroff
Gender Stereotypes in Video Games

Alison and Wardah
Home Depot

Heidi and Kevin
Culture Jamming - McDonald's

Michael, Alex, Nelson

Kohila, Denise
Ackowledging Health/Disease Issues

Mike, Tanya and Ni
Health and Smoking

Jeff, Alissa, Vincci
The Protrayal of Women in Advertisements

A&K- Alice Chang, Kimberley Yun-Han Feng
Secrets Behind the Pretty High-Heels

Blood Diamonds

Steve Elliott, Marlena Hasiak
The Effect of Comm. Technologies on Socialization

Kevin So, Kenny Ho

Group Proposals:

Please feel free to post your group proposal's and get feedback and insight from other classmates!

Group 1: Three Blind Mice
Topic: Nike Advertisements

Advertising may be considered an art form, which involves the precise skill of effectively promoting a product within media. Society’s continual needs for consumable products are the essence of this attention of advertising.

Nike has built its reputation by endorsing praised athletes, and positioning them at the forefront of all major ad campaigns. Typical Nike ads generally depict famous athletes male/female wearing an article of their clothing, such as running shoes. Nike mission statement maintains that they strive, “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete” (Nike 2006). Nike’s mission reveals the lexicon of their passion and the competitive edge they attempt to promote. Further, they target athletes, but salvage their appeal by implying that anyone with a body is an athlete thus, part of their market.

Our culture jamming project will seek to counter the essential design principles and mission statement used in present Nike advertisements. Our mission is to shine a critical light on Nike’s marketing and advertising tactics and replace them with our new honest interpretation of the companies manufacturing processes, which are otherwise clouded with glamorized athletic appeal. We will focus on the body, and the hardships in which the workers of sweatshop endure to manufacture the products.

Advertisings purpose involves persuading audiences, through the various signs, textual and symbolic references within advertising. It also serves to captivate emotions in connotative and denotative ways. We will collaborate a new creative approach to communicate our message, which will differ from what is presently circulating. Nike has been the target of many culture-jamming projects. Groups such as, AdBusters have creatively manipulated advertisements in the past. Our group will attempt to implement a bold new look to culture jamming Nike. Our advertisement campaign will to resemble present Nike format (ie. Colors, letter formatting, positions) while distinctly illuminating a new message about the companies manufacturing processes.

The execution of our culture jamming assignment will be delivered in various media forms. In particular, we will generate a new launch campaign though print advertisements, and a media commercial.

Nikes advertisements are intended for the general public; to those who are already buyers, or to those who are considering. Therefore, the messages that Nike conveys have a definite impact on its buyers. One may purchase something solely on the influence of the ad. Their favorite athlete may endorse the product, persuading them to go out and buy the product too. Furthermore, this type of satirical publicity is positioned to heighten awareness and pursue more buyers. Thus, our ad campaign will work to target all Nike market segments with intention to make buyers aware of the companies labor practices.

Our mission is to strive to create a print advertisement and media campaign which will serve as a parody of the popular advertisements already in place. We have chosen to de-glamorizes the typical ad, and degrade the initial ideas they were trying to project and replace them with a new interpretation, which exemplifies the reality of the companies manufacturing.

Group 2: Islamophobia and Islam
Ashiq Alibhai

Islamophobia affects all Muslims, some more then most. Take a walk through the life of a Muslim in the every-day and witness some of the situations Musilms deal with--in the form of an online choose-your-own-adventure style game. Someone throwing garbage at you? Screaming "terrorist" as you walk by? Spray-painting your house with graffiti? Experience some of the every-day trials and choose how to solve them!

Group 3: Action Against Bush - U.S. Politics - Anti-Bush Campaign

Our group is focusing on the social influence aspect of this assignment. We are an activist group against President Bush. We will discuss Halliburton ( corporate control and government), 9/11 disaster where innocent people were killed, and current U.S. economy.

Group 4: Topic: Diet and Nutrition in Advertising
Alexander Tasciotti and Lindsay Turner

Our group is examining diet and nutrition in advertising in North America. We've decided that our approach would be culture-jamming like and how nutrition is a cultural obsession and is reflected in its ads.

Our creative direction is in the form of a public service announcement that will highlight and touch upon the "importance" of being thin. Target audience is the female pre-teen/teenager age group (roughly ages 10-17 category.)