This was my first time using wiki and it was a good experience. It was a great tool for students of the course to communicate and share knowledge. It was interesting to see everyone contribute to each other's pages to expand the content. Wiki was a very powerful and useful tool for us to understand and review the course content. The easy access to information on Wiki made it a good experience. The shared effort of all cct300 studnet on building this cct300 wikispace made the space very organized and benefitial to all. I have enjoyed using wiki as a course communication tool more than WebCT. I have always found WebCT postings to be annoying to read as they are not organized and often repeated. The clear and organized links on Wiki makes everything easy for students. Wiki was important to make this course a better experience.


I did not have much problems with Wiki. Everything was straight forward and easy to understand.I only didn't know how to link my page to the table of contents at first. I thought it was automatic that my page would be added to the table of contents. It would be nice if a guide is offered on how to use wiki, so that everyone would have a clear idea on how to use it.


Pages Created: YouTube, Hotmail, Multimedia Messaging
Pages Editted: Billboard, Graffiti, Xanga, Google, Cell Phone, Culture Jamming, World Cup, Table of Contents, and Wikispace Alias

I spent the most time editing and expanding 'YouTube'. The popularity and issues of YouTube made it interesting topic to look at. I discussed the general history and features of YouTube and further discussed with examples the impact of YouTube. I also included some related images.

For my 'Hotmail' page, i discussed the background information and features of Hotmail, as well as how Hotmail acted as a media source with its ability to send and receieve multimedia files.

For my 'Multimedia Messaging' page, I discussed briefly what it was and its advantage and it further exposes us to the media. The sharing of multimedia files has been so popular and powerful that even cellular phones are gaining the ability to do so.

I also did edits on other's pages to expand their content:

*Xanga - further details of it's background information and it's ability to create a community.

*Google - added description and details of expanded Google features: Google Video, Google Map and Google News.

*Billboard - added section of BUGA UP and BLF with examples and images to show how groups counter dominant ideologies. Culture jamming by groups to go against corporate ideas;
force the mass public to think rather than follow.

*Cell Phone - added paragraph discussing the issue of privacy with cell phones; how new video and image capturing functions of cell phones may harm the public's privacy.

*Culture Jamming - added brief note to the meaning of culture jamming.

*Graffiti - added section of BUGA UP and BLF with an example and image to show how they use graffiti as a culture jamming method to advertisements.

*World Cup - added brief notes to how World Cup connects the world together. Also updated some scores.

*Table of Contents - added my pages onto ToC.

*Wiki Alias - added my name onto Wiki Alias.