Assignment 3: Culture Jamming/Social Influence Project

In groups of 2-3, students will work on a particular culture jamming and/or social influence project of their own design and on a topic of their own choosing. Effective culture jamming projects will leverage essential media form and design principles to shine a critical or ironic light on a particular issue of interest. Social influence campaigns, while similar, aim to spur action and awareness of a particular issue, not simply offer detached ironic commentary.

• 5% of the final grade will be reserved for proposal, due in Class 6 (June 6th)
• 5% will be reserved for presentation of the group’s final project in Class 11 (June 20th)
• 20% will be reserved for the quality and effectiveness of the work created

Attention must be given to developing a doable strategy that will result in a final work. The teams may begin with an initial investigation into potential areas of concern that hold interest and are practical. Some possibilities could include: advertising, environment, urban issues, consumerism, health, housing, economy, media, politics, globalization, …the list is endless. Any of the above topics are extremely general and would require scaling down and focus on a specific issue to generate interest and inform your intended audience. A creative approach that is more than a didactic response will further engage your viewers and as a result, increase audience awareness and retention of the issue.


1. The teams will produce a written document (250-400 words) that outlines the proposed direction of the project. It will include the following:

• description of project direction, concept, background
• creative approach to communicate idea
• intended audience and desired response
• media format (eg. web, audio, video, print)
• initial report on influences, ideas, references

2. The ideas outlined in the proposal will serve as the production blueprint for the project in its media form. A written hard copy report will be submitted and include a final project analysis with a list of cited references following UTM academic standards.

3. A 5-7 minute presentation of the final project to the class followed by a 2-3 minute question period.


This project is weighted at 30% of your course grade according to the following criteria:

concept development (10%)

comprehensive exploration in terms of breadth and depth
develop an original and informative work

creative approach (5%)

innovation, organization, layout, visual refinement

technical execution (5%)

creative and effective use of technical tools for project production

presentation (5%)

articulate, organized, participation

proposal (5%)

articulate goals
adherence criteria