Final Test

This page is for students to post questions about the assignment and for either Professor Jones or other students to respond to these questions. This page can also be used as a general discussion of the test where students can post comments, discuss the test, and introduce ideas.


Q: When is the test?
The last day of class (Class 12) on Thursday, June 22, 2006.

Q: What time is the test and how long is the test?
It is a two hour test and it would during the class schedule.

Q: How do we prepare ourselves for the test since the textbook is kind of hard to understand?
Focus on the lecture materials mostly and seek help from the instructor. The test does not contain a lot of factual recall, since memorized who did what when is generally not effective.

Certainly if you have questions that will benefit from discussion, bring them up in class - we'll have time to review core concepts near the end.

Also, feel free to use the Wiki to ask any questions you might have and/or post test study notes.

Q: What is test format/structure?
There will be a few multiple-choice questions (worth about 20% of the test), and a number of short- and long-answer questions.

Q: Is there going to be an essay on the test?

Yep. One. There will be no choice of topics per se, but the question will be sufficiently broad to allow for a range of responses.

Q: When is the review date for final exam?
A: There will be time for review and questions Tuesday and Thursday the week preceding. Otherwise, you are encouarged to use the Wiki to share study notes, and feel free to email Professor M. Jones at any time if you have any questions.

Q: How much should we be extracting from the course readings? Should we be focusing more on the actual concept of the ideas!? (ie. difference between mass and public societies) or about the articles entirly?