As part of this course, we study the social influence of culture jamming. The following is a one hour video directed by Jill Sharpe.


The film, Culture Jam: Hijacking Commercial Culture is a documentary on several revolutionists that wager war to reclaim consumer's minds. To snap them out of their media trance. It also follows some of the jammers in actions on billboards, subway advertisements and public protests.

Some of the main characters in the documentary include:

Jack Napier
He is one of the founding members of the Billboard Liberation Front. He has twenty years of culture jamming experience tackling overpass signs and neon installations. A predominent part of his work has been conducted in and around the San Francisco Bay area.

Reverend Billy (Bill Talen)

Bill Talen was once a theatre actor who pursued his dreams in New York. After unsuccessful attempts at acting, he was tired of the commercialization of the theatre business by transnational corporate influences. Today, with the help of his theatrical skills and support from the public, he created an evangelical character by the name of Reverend Billy of the Church of the Stop Shopping. Reverend Billy travels to different cities to preach and spread awareness of sweatshops used by companies like Disney Corporation and how employees of such poor working conditions should be liberated.

Carly Stasko
Carly is a University of Toronto graduate. Carly creates her own anti-advertisement stickers and post them everywhere in Toronto. She also gives workshops at schools, letting the younger generations have a view on the underlying market messages.