Wiki Analysis

This was not my first time using the wikispace since I had a chance to use it in cct205. I began by going trough the works of other students and reading some of their entries. As I read these entries I also edited certain spelling mistakes and formatting errors. If I came across an article or entry that I was interested in I added bits and pieces of information that would make the submission more solid. In some entries I added links to other outside pages that were relevant to the issue discussed as well as linking individual words on the site to other entries on the wikispace. I also added images along with their credits at the end of the entry in order to give the wikispace a more visual appeal. The first entry that I personally wrote was on gender roles in commercials. This is relevant to the course in that it discusses how the media plays on the stereotypical roles of men and women in daily lives to appeal to specific target audiences. The second site was on sex in the media and how it is often used to sell different products. Along with this it also discusses how the media uses sexual imagery and how this affects young teenage girls in their own personal image.


As this was my second experience with the wikispace I found it more enjoyable and useful in that I knew exactly what to do and how to use it. Although when compared to the cct205 course I must say that this wikispace was not as expanded and comprehensive. This was most likely because cct300 is a half course done in the summer semester and there was not as many students and time to edit the wikispace completely. The space from cct205 was very well rounded and more interactive in that students wrote good notes for tests and exchanged much more help in course content that was relevant. Some of the topics that the students choose to write about in this wikispace did not really tie in with the main themes of cct300. But nevertheless, this wikispace was beneficial as well as interesting to browse.


The only negative experience that I had with this wikispace is that another student had edited my work for spelling mistakes but had changed the correct spellings for wrong grammar and spelling. The only advice that I would have for future students is that they make sure that the edits they make are truly beneficial and correct in order to make the wikispace a better space and not a worse one.