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N.B. - This is the Wiki from the Spring Semester (May-June 2006). If you're looking for the Wiki for the Fall semester (Sept - Dec 2006), please go here. If you're looking for the wiki for September - December 2007, go here.

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Important note: As of the first class, there are some strange WebCT issues - some of you find yourself in last year's 300 class, some of you do not, and I'm unfortunately in the latter group. This will be fixed shortly, hopefully - I'll pass this weird problem on to the WebCT admin folk tonight.

WebCT will be used sparingly though, mostly to store official documents (e.g., lecture notes, syllabus, etc.) This Wiki will probably be a more active space. When I can actually edit the WebCT space, I'll put a link to here there as well.

- mlwjones mlwjones May 16, 2006